Restaurants Copenhagen



They share the concept of a pick and choose menu, and offer a wine selection with bottles in every price range. The restaurant is designed by Søren Vester, who is also the creative power behind formel B and Sletten. He had good help from Antonio Scaffidi, and together they have created a restaurant like no other in Copenhagen.


Avenue Bistro & Vinbar

Avenue is a modern European-international bistro and wine bar that provides a great setting for any guest to take in a big city atmosphere. They embrace a glass of wine in the bar after work, the effective business lunch, lunch to those who have the time, and of course the evening meal, and the drink in the bar on your way home.



Located in the heart of Copenhagen, close to Tivoli and the iconic cinema, Palads. The menu will change regularly. They rely on small local farmers, so if you eat here today, it might not be the same tomorrow. They don’t mess around with their vegetables and they treat their meat with respect.


Papa Ramen

To ensure your soup is warm as possible, they will pack it when you arrive at the restaurant. They have chilled the noodles after cooking, to prevent them being boiled during transport. To achieve the most authentic experience, they recommend to heat the soup before noodles and toppings, as the ramen should be served hot and hot!